CCW Permit Package

This package offers you a significant discount if you would like to obtain your California CCW Permit and your Multi-State CCW Permits which, when combined, will allow you to carry concealed weapons throughout California and 34 additional states!

The 1 Stop CCW Permit Package includes:
The 8-Hour CCW Permit Training Course required by the Orange County Sheriff’s Department  –  $225.00
Live Scan Fingerprinting required for your California CCW Permit Application  –  $118.00
Multi-State CCW Permit Instruction Course (including fingerprinting and photography)  –  $195.00
1 Stop CCW Permit Package Discount  – < $100.00>

1 Stop CCW Permit Package Price $438.00

Also included is 30 Days of FREE Range Time at the OC Indoor Range in Brea! 

For complete details, contact Orville Wright at: 949.769.9099