Being a Real Estate Professional can be a very satisfying career. There is a potential for personal growth, community service and a very respectable income. There is also the potential for encountering dangerous and even life-threatening situations as REALTORS® and other Real Estate Professionals provide their services to the general public.

This is because many criminals consider REALTORS® to be “Soft Targets.”

More often than they should, REALTORS® put themselves in harm’s way by doing things such as agreeing to meet buyer prospects, that they have not yet had an opportunity to fully vet, at homes that are sometimes in remote areas, and sometimes at night.

Another issue is when REALTORS® go to inspect a “vacant property” only to find out that there are transients on the property, and may find themselves in a vulnerable position before the REALTOR® discovers them hiding somewhere on the property. The same goes for Commercial Brokers and Property Managers.


When seconds count, the Police are at least, minutes away!


Do NOT be a Soft Target. Instead, consider the option of qualifying to carry a concealed firearm at the Orange County Headquarters of CCW Permit Instruction.

For full information on the process for REALTORS® and other Real Estate Professionals to obtain a Concealed Carry Weapon Permit that is valid throughout the state of California, and 27 other states, contact Orville Wright at: 949-769-9099.


Orville is also available to come to your office meeting to give a brief, yet comprehensive talk on the process for REALTORS® to obtain a California CCW Permit.

We keep “REALTORS® Hours.” We are available 7/7/7 . . . From 7:AM to 7:PM, 7 days a week . . . To answer your questions and assist you in obtaining a California CCW Permit!

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Keep yourself and your clients safe.
This information could help save a life.

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