CCW Permit Instruction has been approved to offer Concealed Carry Weapon Permit instruction for residents of Los Angeles County
Orville Wright, the owner of CCW Permit Instruction, has been an Authorized CCW Permit Training Provider for the Orange County Sheriff’s Department for over 6 years. 

NEW Procedure For Applying For A California CCW Permit In Orange County:

All Orange County applicants for a California CCW Permit must submit their applications Online. The detailed procedure can be viewed by clicking HERE


How Many Weapons would Like to have on your OC CCW Permit? How Many Do You Have?:

Effective November 1, 2017, Orange County California CCW Permit holders can have an UNLIMITED number of weapons listed on their California CCW Permits. For information on how to add additional weapons to your Permit, please give us a call at: 949-769-9099.


Gun Free Zones, Like UCLA, Are Magnets For Murders:

A very interesting article in the Orange County Register demonstrates the fallacy of establishing Gun Free Zones to “Protect” our citizens. You can view it at: 


Update from the California Bureau of Firearms concerning carrying weapons in School Zones:

The California Bureau of Firearms has released an Information Bulletin clarifying the 1,000 foot Gun-Free School Zone law in California. You can (and should) download this Information Bulletin at:


Below are links to some of our friends in the Firearms Training industry in Southern California. Check out their Web Sites and find out where you can get the best classroom training, simulated training, live fire training, tactical training and the full range of NRA training programs.


ARTEMIS DEFENSE INSTITUTE in Lake Forest is the leading trainer of self-defense strategies, psychological preparedness and real world threat minimization utilizing real Glock 22s, AR-15s, OC Spray and Tasers® in a 100% safe, ammunition free environment.

Although, they do not replace live fire, they offer the most realistic experience you can possibly get without the cost of live ammunition and the dangers of combat. You receive all the gear you need during your training at Artemis Defense Institute to become a better shooter like a real tetherless Glock 22, or AR-15.

Click on their logo to go directly to their Web Site.


ALLSAFE DEFENSE SYSTEMSALLSAFE DEFENSE SYSTEMS provides a wide variety of courses, from fun and recreational shooting, to serious armed and unarmed self-defense, and a full range of NRA Certification Courses. Obtaining your CCW Permit is just the first step towards being sure that you can protect yourself and your family from a deadly threat. The next step is to take the training necessary to fine tune your gun handling skills, before the need arises. The AllSafe Shooting Courses include Basic Handgun, Intermediate Handgun, Defensive Shotgun, and Urban Rifle.

Click on their logo to go directly to their Web Site.



OC INDOOR SHOOTING RANGE AND GUN SHOP is Orange County’s premier indoor gun range and store. They are open 7 days a week, except for major holidays, They offer both group and private handgun classes and have over 70 firearms that you can rent and “Try before you buy.” California CCW Permit Instruction Courses are also conducted there, at least once a month. Visit their Web Site for full information on range hours, memberships, firearm rentals, firearm sales and classes.

Click on their logo to go directly to their Web Site